Control & Robotics

The discipline of Control & Robotics focuses on the mathematical modeling of dynamical systems of a diverse nature, the analysis of their dynamic behavior, and the design of algorithms to ensure their efficient, safe, and robust operation in changing, unknown, and possibly contested environments. Systems of interest include ground and aerial vehicles, flexible structures, robotic arms, and electromagnetic actuators. CRIS faculty in controls and robotics are known across the world for their experimental and theoretical research in the areas of autonomous systems, networks, and robotic navigation.

Current research projects led by the members of this group include:

  • Intelligent transportation systems
  • Aided inertial navigation for highway applications
  • Autonomous multi-robot monitoring
  • Cooperative control and estimation for vehicle networks
  • Design, fabrication, and control of surgical robots based on smart actuators
  • Data-driven control and learning
  • Predictive imaging technologies


Affiliated faculty performing research in this area include:


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