Research Highlights

$1.2 million grant awarded for robotics software development
A $1.2 million grant from the National Science Foundation will allow UCR to develop better software architecture for robotics and other autonomous systems.
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VR headset
Virtual reality headsets are vulnerable to hackers
Headset hardware and virtual keyboard interfaces that immerse us into expanding worlds of virtual reality also create new opportunities for hackers, UCR computer scientists find studies to be presented at a national cyber security conference.
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Engineering students receiving a total of $46,000 in scholarships were encouraged to connect outside the classroom
Our scholars got dollars. Nearly 40 future engineers received financial support this past academic year in the form of scholarship awards ranging largely between $1,000 and $2,500. While this financial support assists Marlan and Rosemary Bourns College of Engineering (BCOE) students in covering some of the costs of their education, the scholarship-application process is meant to do something more: encourage them to make critical connections with the campus community beyond the classroom. In reviewing scholarship applicants, committees review student engagement. Examples of such engagement
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Artificial Intelligence to reshape deep science learning
Artificial Intelligence, beyond the hype and hysteria in headlines today, plays a growing role in daily life and business – with uses ranging from predictive text to Netflix recommendations to the detection of bank fraud.  Much of that progress is thanks to researchers on the cutting edge of complex scientific exploration.  And there is more to come. 
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CP patient
Robot sleeves for kids with cerebral palsy
UC Riverside engineers are developing low-cost, robotic “clothing” to help children with cerebral palsy gain control over their arm movements. 
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Professor Keogh's Lab wins Test-of-Time Award
A team led by Dr. Keogh has won the ACM SIGKDD test-of-time award, recognizing outstanding papers from past KDD Conferences beyond the last decade.
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electric vehicle
NSF-funded project aims to enhance STEM graduate training in sustainable transportation
New UC Riverside program will train doctoral students on translating science into public policy
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Illustration suggesting the computer vision system of a self-driving carr
Protecting computer vision from adversarial attacks
UC Riverside engineers are developing methods to keep self-driving cars and autonomous drones from being hacked
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