Researchers from U.C. Riverside's National Science Foundation (NSF) IGERT (Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship) on Video Bioinformatics won the NSF IGERT 2012 Video and Poster Competition. Each year, NSF holds this competition among all active IGERT awardees. Examples of entries in this year's competition included photovoltaic textiles (clothes) that powered one's electronics; a robot with an active tail inspired by lizards to scale slippery surfaces; and a Discovery Channel search for Genghis Khan's tomb. Amid this stiff competition, Albert Cruz, an IGERT Fellow and a PhD student in Electrical Engineering, under the mentorship of Distinguished Professor Bir Bhanu, secured a Judges Choice Award for Excellence of Interdisciplinary Research and Outstanding Communication of Science to General Public. Cruz received a certificate from NSF and will receive $2000 award from NSF for professional development. The competition was held on May 22-24, 2012 and included 114 different entries (one per IGERT awardee) from prestigious universities across the United States. There were a total of 21 Judges Choice Awards from all disciplines, four community awards and one public choice award. Cruz's entry, titled, Recognizing Human Facial Emotions in Video: A Psychologically Inspired Fusion Model, had 11.4% of the total video hits at the NSF site. His entry was in the categories of Behavior Cognition, Computer Science, IT and Engineering. A total of 50 judges from various US universities evaluated the entries. There were 1194 judges queries on presentations and replies, 13744 video views and 5558 poster views from 98 countries. To see Cruz's entry, please visit the following link