Resilient networks against localized and strategic adversaries

CRIS Professor receives a $1.5M grant from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) to characterize vulnerabilities of dynamic networks to attackers with different capabilities, knowledge, and objectives, and to design rigorous methods to protect dynamic networks and ensure resiliency to attacks. Dynamic networks are critical in multiple operating theaters of interest to the U.S. Air Force. These distributed systems have achieved great levels of autonomy, which guarantee success under nominal operating conditions in different time-critical missions. Unfortunately, despite recent efforts to characterize attack vectors and countermeasures, research studies and real-world incidents have demonstrated how capable adversaries can severely disrupt the operation of dynamic networks, thereby questioning their resiliency to operate in uncertain and adversarial environments. Novel theories and tools are critically needed to guarantee resiliency of dynamic networks, where both the network protocols and the attack strategy adapt over time as in an intricate game. The project is led by PI Pasqualetti, with co-PIs Jorge Cortés and Sonia Martinez at UC San Diego.