IGERT Information

Video Bioinformatics themes are organismal dynamics, intercellular and tissue dynamics, intracellular dynamics. Life Science Students gain an understanding of the engineering principles involved in multiple imaging modalities, video processing, analysis, data mining, and databases. Engineering and Information Science students learn biological imaging and computational techniques, design of experiments, modeling of phenomena, and needs of biological community.

Student Support

  • $30K/year
  • full tuition and fees up to $10,500/year
  • including 1 yr NRT for students outside California
  • 1 conference/year

IGERT Students

  • Will be called IGERT Fellows
  • IGERT students will take a IGERT course (a course and colloquium) every quarter for five quarters, including one summer introductory course. These courses will be considered as technical electives by participating PhD programs
  • IGERT students will participate in IGERT colloquium (1 unit), workshops (ethics, education, career planning, yearly retreats), one summer internship, one student (NSF annual meeting)
  • Participate in evaluation of courses, annual NSF survey
  • IGERT student PhD committee - one advisor and one co-advisor (from different disciplines life sciences and engineering)
  • Share common space for the first two years

Selection of IGERT Fellows

  • Student should qualify for the best UCR Fellowship (GPA > 3.5, GRE > 1250, strong support letters)
  • Identification of project, potential advisor/co-advisor will be helpful but not necessary
  • Student will be interviewed by the selected IGERT faculty committee
  • Student will apply to the appropriate dept./program and inform (and submit CV) to the IGERT program using the website/e-mail
  • IGERT Program will handle direct enquiries from potential students
  • IGERT Program will inform the faculty and student about student selection as an IGERT Fellow
  • All the UCR deadlines will be followed
  • Research in the field of video bioinformatics. Research should involve space/time varying biological imaging data otherwise it not suitable for this IGERT
  • The student should be seriously interested in interdisciplinary research. Engineering student should have an interest in imaging and biology. Similarly biology students should have an interest in imaging and computing techniques. Biology student should have some background in math/statistics (freshman/sophomore level) and be able to use tools like matlab
  • The student should be excellent in oral and written communications
  • The student should have excellent letters of recommendation

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