Juan Leon


Juan Leon graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a Master of Science degree in Applied Mathematics, and previously from UCLA with a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics. He recieved his Master of Science in Computer Graphics in 2014. His previous research experience involved the study and implementation of numerical methods for physically based systems, and more recent projects have required him to analyze motion capture data combined with musculoskeletal models to determine biologically significant parameters in athletic performance. 

Juan is worked in the Riverside Graphics Lab at UC Riverside under the supervision of Professor Victor Zordan and in collaboration and advisement of Biology Professor Dr. Timothy Higham. His PhD research focused on comparative biology by analyzing quadraped to bipedal gait transitions. Analysis will be done by creating efficient methods for analyzing high speed video of bipedal running lizards for performing 3D reconstruction and creating musculoskeletal models. 

Currently Juan is an Adjunct Professor at El Camino College.