Jo-Hao Weng


I am a third year graduate student in the Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology graduate program. Currently, I am working in Dr. Prue Talbot's lab. The project I am working on involves determining the mechanism and function of dynamic blebbing in the human embryonic stem cells. In order to study this dynamic process, I am using a new video technology, the BioStation IM. The BioStation IM combines an incubator, a microscope, and a cooled CCD camera in a compact body, allowing time-lapse imaging of cells for minutes, days, or even weeks. By using the BioStation IM, we can acquire video data on dynamically blebbing cells from time-lapse images. The goal of my project is to develop video bioinformatics tools to analyze videos collected from BioStation IM and further study the mechanism and function of dynamic blebbing in hESC.