Geoffrey Harlow


I am a plant scientist currently investigating the molecular basis of Arabidopsis pollen tube growth oscillation. Growing initially from a single pollen grain, the resulting pollen tube demonstrates explosive but sustainable polar growth. This occurs primarily in the "tip growth domain," a very small region at the most apical tip of the growing pollen tube. In concert with many participatory molecules, Rop1 appears to play the most direct coordinating role. I am also learning about software (ImageJ, Matlab, CL-Quant) with the intention of automating the image analysis of pollen tube growth oscillation videos. From this examination, very concise data associating visualized molecular events with sequential timepoints ("spatiotemporal" data) will contribute to a mathematical and computational model characterizing pollen tube growth. Given that pollen grains undergo explosive but sustainable polar growth, this model has exciting applications outside of just basic biology; it bears analogous value in tower construction, nanotube technology, city design, and economic growth, . 

Despite my fascination with this growth model I am also very interested in collaborating with other scientists in non-biological fields. I have a great deal of experience in audio engineering, song recording, and live music performance as well. Outside of science, my family and I are very passionate about incorporating bicycling and gardening into a sustainable, responsible lifestyle.

Follow me on Twitter! I welcome you to communicate with me directly via!/plantvideos where I provide updated links to my current research interests and progress.