About CRIS

The Center for Research in Intelligent Systems (CRIS) at UC Riverside is an interdepartmental research center founded in 1998 by Prof. Bir Bhanu. Today, the Center consists of approximately 30 faculty affiliated from various Departments across the UC Riverside campus. The main objective of the Center is to facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations across the UC Riverside Campus and with the Industry on theoretical and practical problems in the areas of control and dynamical systems, robotics, and machine intelligence. The Center also organizes seminars, workshops, and lectures to facilitate the scholarly dissemination of ideas, promotes research and educational activities for students, and provides its affiliated members with state of the art computational and robotic facilities.

The members of the Center have received numerous awards throughout the years (see the members' home pages), thus attesting to the quality of the Center's research and teaching activities. New faculty and their students are encouraged to become affiliated with the Center and take advantage of its collaborative and energetic culture. 



Mission Statement

The Center conducts cutting-edge research on the foundations and applications of intelligent and autonomous systems, including robotics, computer vision, controls, machine learning, and real-time systems, among others. The Center brings together researchers from academia and industry to develop cross-disciplinary solutions to key societal problems and train the next generation of researchers and practitioners. Application areas of interest include security, biomedical systems, environmental monitoring, agricultural automation, transportation, logistics and manufacturing, and advanced materials, among others.